Wings Self Care

Welcome to WINGS Self-Care

We know that caring for others is what you do. We know you are mostly busy, often tired, usually stressed-out and, at times, anxious.

We also know you would like some time-out for relaxation....

...and we know you don't have time for that!

The purpose of Wings is to provide a safe and nurturing place, a soft landing... so you can take some time-out for you, connect with others who get you, be heard, and learn some skills that you can use in your hectic daily life to help you relax and be mindfully present.
Self-Care for Carers = Taking Care of Yourself so you can take good care of others
We know that as a parent, a carer, or a support worker, provider or nurturer, employer or employee, friend or neighbour (any kind of human really), you already have an incredible capacity for love and compassion for others. It's time for self-compassion, self-love and self-care. On a flight, in case of an emergency, we are told to put our own oxygen mask on first and then assist others - for good reason!

We need to get better at self-care, no matter what our role or for whom we take care. Everyone needs time-out for self-care. Let us wrap our wings around you so that you can take better care of yourself and be even more able to care for the people in your life.
Wings offers:

- Group Relaxation Workshops

- Blogposts for Discussion

- A Facebook group to build a supportive community

- A Toolbox of skills and strategies to use when you need them most
How does it work?

Wings Workshops are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 9.45 am and 5.45 pm, in Canberra City.

We invite you to join us.

Workshops will be one hour of time-out and will include some discussion, mindfulness training and a guided visualisation. The cost per session is $25 and includes an mp3 recording so you can continue to practice taking time-out at home. Attend one session or as many as you like. Book here.
Read the Wings Blog.

Blogposts will provide relevant topics for each workshop and form the basis of our discussion.
Join the discussion on Facebook

Join the Wings Facebook Group and connect with our caring community. Together we are creating a supporting, uplifting environment. A Facebook group means we can contribute and participate in our own time. 

Groups: Corporate, Government, Community Groups, Schools

Wings also offers Self-Care Workshops to larger groups in your location.

- Corporate and Government: workplace workshops 
- Community Groups: community centres, support groups
- Autism and other Special Needs Service Providers
- Aged Care and Retirement Villages
- Schools
- Gyms

If your group supports the self-care of members then we are here to support you.

Ask us how we can support Self-Care for you or your group.

Interested, but not in Canberra?

If you are not located in Canberra, we also offer workshops in your location by arrangement. Please contact us to discuss.
However you choose to connect with us, 
we look forward to welcoming you to 
WINGS Self-Care 
and to wrapping our wings around you 
so that you can take even better care of yourself 
and others.

Love, Gaye and Ros x


Gaye is a therapist and the principal at Capital Mindset. She works with people of all ages, and with all sorts of issues. Gaye is passionate about supporting people who want to live full, rich and meaningful lives. Her solution-focused therapy is about empowering people to deal with challenges mindfully and resourcefully.

Ros is a busy working woman. Her passion beyond her corporate role is connecting authentically with other like-minded people, in a "making a difference" kind of way. This gives her an enormous sense of satisfaction and gratitude for her life. Ros is also mum to an autistic teenager. She has years of experience with the challenges of raising a child with special needs and shares her experiences beautifully via her blog posts which form the basis of our group's discussions.

Together Gaye and Ros bring therapeutic experience, lived experience  and a passion for community together with the intent of supporting carers and growing a community around them. Ros and Gaye have banded together to form Wings - Self-Care for Carers to support those who provide care to take care of themselves too. Wings provides a positive, uplifting environment in which to learn ways to get better at self-care.

We don't have all the answers, but we do have tools and insights to share. We also hope to connect people and grow a network of caring support. Together we can learn from each other as we practice being mindful, allowing ourselves some relaxation and compassionate, loving kindness.