The 4 Steps to Achieving Your Goals: Mindset… Focus… Commitment… Accountability

There are four key steps to the journey we will take together that will ensure the achievement of your goals. These critical components of the change process are the foundation to your success.
Your mindset plays a crucial role in determining your experience of life. Your mindset is a choice. The more awareness you have about the choices you are making, the more you will create the life you want.
What are the thoughts, feelings and emotions that drive your behaviour? We’ll examine your mindset, explore your values, reveal limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, automatic responses, habits and patterns. We’ll utilise techniques such as NLP and Hypnotherapy to assist you to release any blocks you may be holding onto unconsciously. We’ll find out why you feel stuck and get you moving forward.
It is impossible to achieve your goals without focus. The first step is knowing what you want and why. The second step is to focus fully until it the goal is attained. Clarity about your values, goals and vision for yourself is essential to achieve the results you desire and live the life you want. This means living a full, rich and meaningful life despite the many distractions, negativity and obstacles we all face everyday.
Making a decision means to cut off all other possibilities. This is commitment. Authenticity, desire, values and beliefs will all play a part in your willingness to commit to what you say you want. How important are your goals? How committed are you to achieving them?
Accountability is a key component of coaching and will ensure you achieve your full potential. Having someone hold you accountable will assist significantly in achieving your goals. At first this will be my role and through the coaching process you will be empowered as you learn to hold yourself accountable.