How can Mindfulness Help?

This Mindfulness Metaphor Meditation will help you to think about what is important to you and help you to make decisions about what you do even when life gets challenging.

When we find ourselves in a challenging situation and we get all caught up in our difficult thoughts and feelings, we tend to do whatever we can to get rid of these thoughts and feelings. Often, we react automatically and do things that we'd rather not do, like eating junk food, or drinking too much alcohol, or avoiding certain situations.... for example.

Mindfulness helps you to come back to the present moment and make a better choice. A choice that takes you in the direction you want to go... choosing to respond in a way that is in alignment with your values.

As an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) therapist, I teach you strategies to deal with your uncomfortable thoughts and feelings in a mindful way, so that you can live a meaningful life, where you choose what you do because it matters to you.
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