Weight Loss / Weight Management

Most people who see me for weight loss or weight management tell me that they have come to me as their last resort! They’ve tried everything and nothing works in the long term. Maybe they’ve lost a few kilos here and there, but soon enough it’s all back and usually with more than they started.

How can hypnosis help you lose weight?

Hypnotherapy is different because through hypnosis we can access the subconscious mind and reprogram the automatic patterns of behaviour that have been developed over many years. These patterns were formed to help you to cope with the challenges of life: I’m sure you’ve heard of “comfort eating”. There’s always a payoff for any kind of behaviour, even if it seems like something you don’t want to do. You know you want to eat less, or eat more healthy food but there’s a part of you that keeps heading for the sugar or the carbs. Through hypnosis and coaching we will work together to deal directly with the parts that need healing, helping you to let go of emotional wounds that are keeping you stuck in a body that is not your ideal shape.

I will help you in a no-excuses, direct approach that is also kind and compassionate and all about healing. As your coach, I’ll hold you accountable to achieve the results you tell me you want to achieve. I’ll teach you how to hold yourself accountable and be empowered to stay on the path you have chosen for yourself, for life. Weight management is always about much more than losing a few kilos. It’s about self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-esteem. It’s about worthiness and self-compassion, just as much as it is about self-care and respecting your own needs and supporting your health.

This program is about your relationship with food and exercise and your personal relationship with yourself - developing a healthy mindset as well as a healthy body.

I offer the Capital Mindset Weight Management Program as a complete 8 session program, which is suitable if you have 10+ kg you would like to release.

What if I don't have a lot of weight to lose but I want to change a certain behaviour?

I also provide single or package sessions based on your specific needs, for example, you might have your weight under control but you want to stop craving sugar or carbs, or, you might need help with overcoming resistance to exercise. Some people have an issue with night time eating, or boredom eating, or binge-eating. You are unique! So, discuss your unique situation with me to determine the best path for you.

What does the weight loss / weight management program include?

It is possible to achieve the weight you choose with hypnosis. The Capital Mindset Weight Management Program puts you in control of what you eat, how you eat, emotional eating, your motivation to exercise and your subconscious, automatic patterns of behaviour, with the power of hypnosis.

The Program includes:

  • 8 sessions coaching / hypnotherapy
  • Recordings to reinforce the changework
  • Program workbooks and handouts
  • Extra take-home materials to support your specific needs and progress

This program puts the control in your hands and enhances the choices you make about food and exercise. The hypnotic recordings reinforce your progress.

You have tried so many ways to get control of your weight in the past. No matter what you have tried in the past you have been unable to keep the weight off for good… right?

Well, this means that a system that does work will sound very different to anything you’ve heard of or tried before, for the very reason that it must be different to get different results!

Call me now or book an appointment and I look forward to helping you to release the emotional and physical burdens that have been hindering you from living a wonderful, active, healthy life.

Fees: The cost is $1400 for the full 8 session program, which includes a discounted per session rate. Pay as you go per session rate is $200 and a discount is applied for 3 or more sessions paid in advance. Please refer to the table on the Consultation Fees page for full details.