Workplace Coaching

Workplace Coaching is Strengths-based and Solution Focused.

The goal of workplace coaching is to develop self-leadership. Regardless of your position in the workplace, your contribution, participation and satisfaction in your job will be better when you are committed to being a leader. Coaching will help you to identify your strengths and help you put them to use, develop your communication skills, and help you to build and be part of a connected team, generating increased efficiency and productivity.

Coaching with a focus on the workplace will assist you to develop skills to improve your relationships, resolve conflicts, be assertive and confident, be more productive and organised, and improve communication and leadership skills.

You’ll gain awareness about your vision and ambition, your capabilities and potential. Workplace coaching is available for individuals, teams and executives. Areas of focus are tailored to your needs and can include effective communication, delivering feedback, coaching your team members, dealing with resistance to change, managing conflict, establishing and maintaining networks, leadership skills and developing strengths.

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