Conflict Coaching

It is natural to want to avoid confrontation and conflict with others. Unfortunately, it is a common experience! Conflict generates stress and anxiety and undermines communication and productivity.

The conflict resolution process helps all parties 
find a mutually acceptable way forward.

When we find ourselves in conflict in our relationships or in the workplace, it is essential to understand the motives of both parties in order to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Conflict coaching is a structured process to help people engage in and manage interpersonal conflict effectively. Goals may include resolving a dispute or managing reactions and traits that preclude effective conflict management.

Generally, there is a cycle in the way conflict is carried out, because people follow habitual patterns of responding to and managing conflict. We examine the elements of the cycle and develop mutuality as we gain insights about both sides of the situation. This process helps people to appreciate and understand the dynamic between the people involved in a conflict. Conflict coaching is conducted individually with each party and can progress to mediation if required. The goal of coaching is to empower individuals to explore the options for resolution and mediation is often not required.

Even if the other party does not participate in the conflict resolution process, your wider perspective and greater self-awareness will assist you to create better outcomes.

Call me now or book an appointment and I look forward to helping you to resolve conflict in your life.

Fees: Pay as you go per session rate is $200 and a discount is applied for 3 or more sessions paid in advance. Please refer to the table on the Consultation Fees page for full details.