About Capital Mindset


About Capital Mindset

The mission of Capital Mindset is to work in partnership with clients ensuring that their personal values and vision for themselves are in alignment with their desired outcomes. It’s about working with people towards achieving their ultimate health and well-being, ensuring they are self-empowered to create positive lasting change and achieve their fullest potential.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Emerson –

About Me - Gaye Morgan

Profile Pic Gaye MorganMy personal vision is to:

– assist people to unlock their natural ability to learn, perform and achieve their best results

– increase awareness and a sense of personal responsibility

– assist people to make better decisions to improve their outcomes, their health and their well-being.

I understand and live by the principle that who we are being affects all that we do and achieve. This influences the way in which I coach and inspires self-awareness, empowerment and personal responsibility. I believe that the foundation for success in career or business, and contentment in life in general, is personal self-awareness and self-leadership.

I think that it is important to establish solid ground in this area to ensure growth in all of the areas of your life, especially the areas that are most important to you. I do take a holistic approach because dissatisfaction in one area will always have an impact on another.

I am an experienced personal, workplace and small business coach. I also work with various government departments in the areas of Executive and Team Coaching and Workplace Conflict Resolution.

I utilise the teachings of strengths-based and positive psychology. My approach is always solution focused.

Qualifications and Experience
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Master Hypnotist
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Diploma of Applied Social Science
  • Diploma of Modern Psychology
  • Cert IV Life Coaching
  • Certified Clinical Resource Therapist
  • Cert IV Workplace and Business Coaching
  • Cert IV Government
  • CINERGY Trained Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Coach
  • Mental Health Social Support Certification (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
    • ACT Advanced Training
    • ACT for Trauma and Anxiety
    • ACT for Children and Adolescents
    • ACT for Relationships