Relationship Coaching

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Learn how to be true to yourself in your relationships, whether they be at home or at work: express yourself honestly, ask for what you need, be assertive and stand up for yourself, without holding back for fear of rejection. Relationship coaching is available for people who want to strengthen or heal their relationships with their partner, family members, co-workers, relatives or friends.

The process begins by identifying the issues that are most significant for you in the relationship. We explore the habits and patterns of your relationships and consider the best ways to stop struggling and reconcile differences, in order to strengthen your relationships. We consider your needs and expectations of the relationship. You will learn techniques to be more present and mindful of the other person’s needs and expectations. You will learn how to be assertive and take conscious, effective action towards getting your needs filled, and you will stop being impulsive, acting unconsciously and automatically. As you learn how to accept the thoughts, emotions and feelings that you experience, your increased awareness will enhance your ability to act in ways that support your values and help you to build better relationships.

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