Capital Weight Reduction Program

The Capital Weight Reduction Program puts you in control of what you eat, how you eat, emotional eating, your motivation to exercise and your mind with the power of hypnosis.

The program includes:

  • Eight Sessions Coaching / Hypnotherapy
  • Personalised weight reduction recordings, each 30 – 40 minutes in length
  • Program Workbooks and Handouts
  • Extra take-home materials and recordings to support your specific needs 

This program puts the control into your hands and enhances the choices you make about food and exercise. The hypnotic recordings reinforce your progress. You have tried so many ways to lose weight in the past. No matter what you've tried in the past you have been unable to keep that weight off for good. Right? Well, this means that a system that does work will sound very different to anything you've ever heard of or tried in the past, for the very reason that it MUST be different to work!


The Sessions will be tailored to your unique needs and may include some or all of the following topics:

  •        Your Goal - Focusing on a Well-formed Outcome 
  •        Conquering Hunger, Cravings and Compulsive or Binge Eating
  •        Dealing with Boredom Eating, Portion Control and Eating Junk Food
  •        Manage Night-time Eating
  •        Enjoy Eating and Cooking Healthy Food
  •        Your Relationship with Yourself and your Body 
  •        Mindfully Choosing Behaviours that are in Alignment with Your Values
  •        Stopping Emotional Eating, Comfort Eating and Stress Management 
  •        Building Self-Acceptance, Confidence and Commitment
  •        Creating an Intelligent Relationship with Food 
  •        Boosting Motivation to Eat Well and to Exercise 
  •        Dealing with Resistance for Lasting Results
  •        Releasing Judgement and Self-Compassion

For each of the sessions you’ll receive a customised recording of the hypnotherapy portion of that session. Listen to the recording as often as you wish to reinforce and enhance your progress. 

Price: The cost of the program depends on the number of sessions selected and paid at the first session. A schedule of fees is available here.